Sat, 29 Jun 10:30PM  


Glitter Rock
(Sydney, nsw)
Strap In for a Wild Ride, from the Wild Mind (…and Voice) of Michelle From Helle!

A wild five piece band from Down Under (Sydney, Australia), founded and held tight at the reigns by madwoman ‘Michelle From Helle’. Bringing all you filthy Hellehounds a unique cocktail of genres & entertainment that you’re better off experiencing than labelling! (Tho if you must… simply ‘Rock’ or ‘Glitter Rock’ will do).

From her signature Wings Of Chains, to the legendary Confetti Cannon Bra, Michelle’s HELLE will have you burning for more.

Flying Fortress

rock, alternative
(Sydney, nsw)
A Psych-Garage outfit from Sydney’s Inner West.

 The group serves up a cosmic rock 'n' roll gumbo filled with fuzzed-out stompers, boppers, and cherry-picked sonic sparkles that melt hearts and/or faces.