Thu, 09 May 10:30PM  

Coomba All Stars

world, jazz, Groove
(Sydney, nsw)
Old World Near East thought & Aryavarta musical philosophies mixed with stylings of modern culture.

Bringing old world sonic architecture of Near East thought and Aryavarta
musical philosophies mixed with the stylings of modern culture.
Creating a sonic landscape, rich in texture and design, the Coomba All-Stars
speak a unique and complex language through the medium of Santur
(Coomba), Violin (Rocio Ibacache) Alto/Barri Sax, Flute (Ian Pieterse) Bass
(Rendra Freestone) and Kit (Tim Bradley).
In a short time the Coomba All-Stars have played the Illawarra Folk Festival
(24), Global Groove Festival @ Sydney Fringe Festival (23) and Bayside
Festival (23). They have shared the stage with crowd favourites such as The
Strides, Rhythm Hunters, Midnight Tea Party, On The Stoop, Ile Ilu and
Aljamia, as well as performing at iconic Sydney establishments such as The
Red Rattler, Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville Bowlo, The Townie, Rhythm Hut
(Gosford) and Stag & Hunter (Newcastle).
Coomba All-Stars are currently working on their debut album with the
intention of releases in late 2024.
The music is a collection of thoughts and promises inspired by the wandering
path of travelled experiences that have been gathered up during life and
spread across an aural spectrum.