Sat, 20 Apr 10:30PM  


indie, rock, jazzish
(Sydney, nsw)
Bakura is truly indie, almost jazz and enough rock n roll.

This meat & potatoes three piece aren’t here to put shoes on caterpillars.

Formed in late 2022, the band wasted no time in getting to the studio to record in January of 2023. Their debut single 'Champagne' garnered over 5000 streams on Spotify within its first month of release. The song says everything you need to know about the band’s ambitions.

Bakura have been playing anywhere and everywhere in Sydney, moving listeners with their inventive blend of folk-like vocals, lush guitars, and hard hitting drums and bass.

For "If Wind Blows", their latest single, the band combines dream pop (think the Cranberries) and the rawness of rock 'n' roll to tell a heartfelt story. Let the yearn of this band inspire you.

The Toothpicks

indie, rock
(Sydney, nsw)
It’s a blissful storm of sound that leaves you giddy, empowered and clamouring for more.

Inspired by the fearlessness of heroes like Arctic Monkeys, the Beatles, Amy Winehouse,
Jeff Buckley and the Strokes, The Toothpicks throw absolutely everything at the wall and make
damn sure it sticks. Sardonic lyrics, delivered with singularly soulful intensity, dive headfirst into
jaunty, infectious grooves, powered by incessantly creative dual guitar lines which tug at your
heartstrings so hard they just might snap.