Sat, 13 Apr 10:30PM  

Glitch Kingdom

punk, pop
(Sydney, nsw)
Synthy pop punk from Sydney, blending punk, metal, ska and more

Born out of a love of riffs, synths and Nintendo, Glitch Kingdom are serving up heavy and catchy pop punk to Sydney’s music scene, blending sounds from punk, ska, metal and chiptune influences into high energy tunes. Powerful female vocals carry their songs, with blistering drums and chaotic guitar licks, swerving wildly from genre to genre.

“Never a dull note, never a moment of respite, this is exactly what you need when you need something to shudder every muscle, to rattle every nerve, and to leave you a twitching, giddy mess.” @theundergroundstage


punk, rock, Cabaret
(Newcastle, nsw)
Newcastle’s very own biological rarities

Late one night you notice an ominous, glowing tent on the outskirts of town that you’re certain wasn’t there before. Unable to suppress your curiosity, you sneak inside to investigate the unnatural sounds coming from within. Terror grips you as too late you realise you have unwittingly wandered into the midst of the unspeakable, the horrifying… RUFFIANS!

Soaring siren-song melodies enchant you as relentless punk-rock riffs assault your senses. You see devilish figures leaping about in the shadows, dancing to sleazy horn lines and you try to scream but you find yourself mesmerised by dazzling vocal harmonies before a filthy breakdown completely shatters what remains of your will. The old hag’s ramblings were true after all — RUFFIANS’ abomination of emo pop-punk, Queen harmonies, Oom-pah tunes and all manner of cheesy Disney trash is real and more powerful than ever!

The grotesque septuplet, rumoured to have crawled out from the decrepit bowels of Newcastle in the bleak midwinter of 2017, have already corrupted the airwaves of triple J with the single “Salt” from their debut EP The Greatest Show on Earth. They’ve spread their scourge to the masses by defiling the stage of The Metro Theatre in ritualistic preparation for international heavy-weights Papa Roach, and they’ve terrified the crowds of The Drop festival alongside the likes of The Presets, Ball Park Music and DZ Death Rays. But now, after slinking back to a dark lair to concoct their next diabolical creation, RUFFIANS have returned once more to unleash their fresh EP Spooky Kinda Night upon the world in 2023.

So unless you possess one of the bravest or most depraved of souls, stick to the well-travelled paths and keep your wits about you, for RUFFIANS will surely be bringing the cabaret-core caravan of horror to a town near you!