Sat, 08 Jun 10:30PM  

Herd Immunity

rock, indie
(Newcastle, nsw)
A local band with global appeal.

With three singles under their belt and an EP release slated for February 2024, Herd Immunity is meticulously planning their every move for maximum impact. The debut 5 song EP coming Feb 18th  features some of the strongest
songwriting heard from an unsigned Australian band in years, possibly decades.

The songwriting duo, brothers Tim and Toft takes the best elements of the past 50 years of classic rock, trimming the fat and leaving only the juiciest cuts on the table.

The band is not short of material, leaving some of their best tracks for the debut full length album. This is a band who cannot write a bad song, as such every track could be somebody's favourite track. There is no standout HERD IMMUNITY song, their collective body of work is a standout. Wise beyond their years, the boys prefer to let the music do the talking - and it speaks volumes. On stage they're a fearsome, formidable live act - once the power of Herd Immunity is seen (and felt) audiences walk away instantly converted fans.


rock, psychedelic, Space Jazz
Othrship is an explosive reimagining of a space themed 70s experimental rock.

"Othrship delivers groove to your door, full of just enough jazzy widdling and wonky
tangents" that "responds to this galaxy’s need for good music with a sound that carries forth
with a signature cadence".

Whatever you hear, there's sure to be a surprise in it for you.
In 2023, Othrship released a trilogy of music videos depicting the story of an alien crew
tasked with the impossible mission, to find a new home planet for their people.
We Are Explorers follows the crew on their journey from their planet to their spaceship’s
crash landing on Earth.