Off Planet Solutions + Dexy JaxRabbit

Sat, 24 Feb 10PM  

Off Planet Solutions

pop, rock, Alternative, psych, indie pop
(Sydney, nsw)
Like the moment scientists on earth discovered water on a moon of Jupiter.
Off Planet Solutions are a band formed by Jennifer, Tim and Bryzy, some time between the Transit of Venus and the Moon landings. It was, and still is, an exciting time for them, like the moment scientists on earth discovered water on a moon of Jupiter.

They are a type of tribute band playing the unknown songs of the original Off Planet Solutions formed by their alter-egos Teleport, Deluxe and Gemu, in a passionate musical union! An amalgamation of events and happenings both extraordinary and confusing -something for all of humanity and life forms near and far. They have played through meteor showers and the passing of comets - played for the death dive of an exploratory satellite - had dreams of performing a concert directly influenced by the Sun and they know that aliens are listening.... to them! They play with an energy that resonates through the Milky Way Galaxy, into the Universe and beyond......

Dexy JaxRabbit

alternative, rock
(Sydney, nsw)
Music is our universal language. Be kind, rewind.

Dexy JaxRabbit presents a mix tape of original songs written by Troy Zarb throughout the years of former bands such as Felix of Exile, Scarlet's Revenge, Tsunami and Crimes Against Fashion.