Fri, 16 Feb 10PM

The Dead Set

(Sydney, nsw)
Whoever it was that said that rock n roll is dead… forgot to tell The Dead Set!

Loud and proud! The Dead Set have been delivering their loud-as-hell, no-holds-barred brand of rock n’ roll since 2015 and are looking to jab an adrenaline needle right into the heart of the Sydney rock scene!

Balls to the wall riffs… thunderous drums… in-your-face bass…


The Dead Set started making loud noises back in 2015. The true definition of DIY, three lads from Western Sydney proceeded to write rock n roll tunes that they themselves wanted to hear. A combination of the bands they grew up falling in love with… a weird mismatch of AC/DC, Therapy, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin and many, many more!

Live gigs are hard to get for unknown bands… so the band arranged their own. Hand-picking bands they’d either played with or were fans of that they thought would work and putting events on at the Bald Faced Stag or the Bridge Hotel and dragging crowds along with relentless promo and bravado in equal measure. Landing spots with local legends such as Front End Loader and the Hard Ons, and somehow orchestrating a gig they arranged themselves at Sydney’s Metro Theatre in 2021, the band continue to create events worth going to.

Having released their self-titled, DIY, debut album in 2019, founding members, Craig McNamara (guitar) & Phil Remington (bass), having tried several drummers and vocalists, finally found their groove with current drummer, Brad Thomas and singer Suzi Manning. Th new lineup set to work immediately, releasing a new single, “Nightmares” on Oct 31 2023.

With a second full length in the works for a 2024 release, keep your eyes and ears open for these rock n roll addicts.

The Dark Clouds

rock, punk
(Wollongong, nsw)

“The Dark Clouds are a guitar rock band from the relatively nondescript Australian city of Wollongong. The “nondescript” tag is meant in the nicest possible way. The ‘Gong used to be a rough and ready, blue-collar, rock and roll town. (I know, I used to hang out there.) Now the heavy industry is mostly gone and it’s being gentrified. A few rough edges remain, but its status as a fertile rock and roll breeding ground is being steadily chipped away. The short geography lesson is important because it goes to the heart of why bands like The Dark Clouds are important. No matter how much blandness and homogenisation is foisted on us, how many live music venues are shut or emasculated or how many mind-numbing reality TV talent shows are injected into our lives, we need to hang onto the remnants of things that matter. The Dark Clouds will remind you that rock and roll is one of them. The Dark Clouds play hard rock anthems in work boots. They’re hippies at heart with lyrical call-outs to environmentalism and social justice, and their weapons are stringed and amplified.”