Sat, 24 Feb 10PM
Off Planet Solutions + Dexy JaxRabbit
Off Planet Solutions
pop, rock, Alternative, psych, indie pop
Like the moment scientists on earth discovered water on a moon of Jupiter.
Dexy JaxRabbit
alternative, rock
Music is our universal language. Be kind, rewind.
Fri, 01 Mar 10PM
Herd Immunity
rock, indie
A local band with global appeal.
Bixie Major
indie, rock
A dynamic quartet that unites musicians from diverse backgrounds to reinvent alternative rock.
Sat, 02 Mar 9:30PM
Queer As Fvck Mardi Gras Parade after party
No Illuminati
alternative, rock, smooth, funk
dirty funky freaky sound
Dorian Blue
A lone wolf with a heart of gold and a self lovin’ sexual day dreaming powerhouse.
Antonio Mantonio
Variety, Drag, Cabaret
Emcee, parody singer/lyricist, comedian & Victorian male impersonator
Gaia Rising
rock, alternative, doom funk
Sydney’s premier queer party band
Fri, 08 Mar 10PM
Durry Mums
punk, Gym Punk
Anna, Julia & Rosie
Duo Log
pop, alternative
2 brothers = one music.
Sat, 09 Mar 9:45PM
Great Southern Nights presents On The Stoop

Sat, 16 Mar 9:30PM
Great Southern Nights presents Cassy Judy, Toydeath, Doctor Robot, Reza Feza
Reza Feza
alternative, indie, Beatpoetry
shonk electro loner ca6aret
Cassy Judy
folk, indie, Country, Pop, Comedy
A consummate and engaging performer, Cassy is a crowd engagement specialist
electronica, psychedelic, Plushie
Cult circuit bending band
Doctor Robot
funk, electronica, Space
Experience first-hand the amazing malpractice of Doctor Robot from the year nine million!
Fri, 22 Mar 9:45PM
Great Southern Nights presents Brian Campeau, Malaika Mfalme & ZSA ZSA

Sat, 23 Mar 10PM
punk, pop, Rimming
Australian Pop-Punk
No Cigarettes
punk, rock
sell your soul to the devil but expensive, and sell god what the devil don't want

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